About this blog:
I started this blog to document, supplement, and spur a collection of poems tentatively titled Difficult History. That project has steadily narrowed in focus from its first conception as an encyclopedia of Alabama in poems, to a selected history of Mobile in poems, and now to a collection centered primarily around the 1981 lynching of Michael Donald in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama, but with an underlying counter-theme composed of a chorus of poems drawn from Mobile’s history, ranging from DeSoto’s encounters with Chief Tuscaloosa at Maubila, whose descendants likely moved nearer to Mobile Bay and after whom Mobile is named, and Mobile’s settlement by the French on through the story of the Clotilde, the last known ship to bring slaves to America from Africa, and up through more contemporary history. After neglecting this project for more than a year in order to complete my dissertation and to take a full-time job, I’m hoping to return to it, even as I pursue other interests as well.

About Jesseca Cornelson:
I am a native of Alabama’s Gulf Coast and hold an MFA in poetry from the Ohio State University and a PhD in (lemme check the transcript!) English and Comparative Literature. I am an assistant professor of English at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama.


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