Summer Resolutions


  • Collections of poems I should have read but haven’t.
  • Collections of poems by friends.
  • Foundational collections of poems I should re-read.
  • At night, novels I should have read but haven’t.


  • I am actively not writing because I am not ready, and when I think about writing while I read poetry, everything just breaks down. So I am reading. And when I am ready, I will write.
  • I will start writing before I am “ready.” When my poetry reserves are 80% refilled, I will sit down to write again.
  • I do not have any plans about what to write, whether something new or a continuation of an old project. I will write what wants to be written. I am reading to figure that out both in my head and in my heart. Yes, I’m talking about my stupid heart. Yes, it’s sentimentalizing. But I mean I will figure out what I FEEL to write.
  • If an idea for a poem won’t let itself go while I’m reading, I will add it to a list of ideas of poems so I can keep on with my reading.
  • Of course, if a line hits me while, say, I’m vacuuming, and my mind wants to run with it, then I can stop and write a poem. But I will not force myself just yet, not at least for a few weeks, not until I’ve gotten comfortable reading poems again.

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