Three good days in a row?

I can’t believe my luck! Or maybe something is actually starting to work. Or maybe a whole lot of things together are starting to work.

Let’s recap:

  • Taking 20 supplements and vitamins a day, some twice a day. (Doubled dose of DHEA and let pregnenolone fully dissolve under my tongue–I think that change may have helped too.)
  • Going to bed earlier. Usually. But for sure getting enough sleep.
  • Eating small, healthier meals throughout the day that balance protein, fat, and complex carbs to keep my blood sugar even.
  • Walking for an hour every day, plus squats and push-ups and a few Pilates yoga things.
  • Eliminated caffeine.
  • Relaxing and meditating.
  • Ugh, no alcohol in more than a week. Boo. But it probably helps.

Fingers crossed! Also remembering that setbacks will come and to not beat myself up for them.


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