A good day

Rule #1: Never talk about good days.

Wait, no, I mean: Rule #1: Remember this is an up and down process, hopefully trending upwards over time. Don’t let a good day make you think you’re cured so that when you inevitably have a bad day (probably in the next couple of days) that you beat yourself up and feel like things are going nowhere. Think about that long term trend. The bad days aren’t quite as bad as they used to be. The good days are better than the old good days. The good days are more frequent than they used to be. This is what we call an overall upward trend.

Things that may have helped:

  1. I went to sleep at a relatively decent hour last night.
  2. I did wake up in the middle of the night hungry in a way that I knew would lead to low blood sugar so I forced my tired ass to get up, eat a few almonds and a few spoons of whole milk yogurt, and drink half a cup of unsweetened almond milk. Right now I’m eating my pre-bed snack of complex carbs: Kashi 7 grain pilaf tossed with my favorite Chinese crunchy pepper paste. Yes, there’s whole grain rye and wheat in there. Maybe my first gluten of the day?
  3. I went for a walk pretty early–but not before drinking a hemp, banana, mango, whole milk yogurt smoothie. It was awesome! No blood sugar crash. Snack of a few apple slices and peanut butter when I got back.
  4. I did two sets of twenty squats. I’m going to work on building my muscles again, even if I can’t actually lose weight. Plus a few yoga poses for stretching.
  5. I ate pretty regularly throughout the day. Very small meals or snacks. Sometimes whether I was hungry or not because I knew it was time. Sometimes within just a few minutes of realizing I was hungry. No sugar crashes. No cravings. No ravenous consumption of everything.
  6. Lots of water all the time.
  7. I took breaks while I worked at the computer. I got up every hour, even if it was to go eat a couple of almonds and come back.

I’m going to try not to worry about tomorrow. I don’t think I stressed out or used up all my reserves today. I’m about to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep. I’ve got my water bottle and tea mug ready to get ready for tomorrow. For my 131s, it’s a blessed day of in-class writing. I’m promising myself a real hike this weekend.

I’m promising myself a real hike this weekend. 


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