Day Five without Caffeine: I taught and no one died.

I am so lazy, I’m just going to paste my fb status update:

Day five without caffeine: I taught and nothing tragic happened. I also woke up a few minutes before my 7:30 alarm in a good mood, took the dogs for a mile walk before school, prepped for class, ate a real breakfast, and got to work a whole ten minutes early (instead of five minutes late). I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I figured I’d just walk into the Humanities department and see what was going on, and I had time to talk and chat with a student from last semester for a full five minutes before going to class. Hum. So this is what the morning is like for most people. The rest of the day I was alert and mostly coherent and pretty mellow and good moodish. Way less anxious. This might work for me. F@ck yeah, health!

It’s 7:45 and I’ve been getting sleepy since about 7:20. Some web page about licorice root says that we AFs (adrenal fatiguers!) often feel a slump about this time, and if we don’t do something about it, the cortisol stress response will kick in and then we’ll be wired when it’s time to go to sleep. Sounds about right. So I took some more licorice root and Siberian ginseng–both recommended–as I’m going out to see Django Unchained. I kind of want to see it to form my own opinion regarding the brouhaha that’s been made about it. Even when Tarantino is disgusting, he’s usually funny and entertaining. And the music is always super cool.

That said, I’m sleepy, but pleased with how today went.


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