Tuesday headache

I think my Tuesday headaches might be back. Which sucketh a big one. I felt like a zombie most of the day. It was incredibly hard to stay on task, even though my big task of the day was to write a review of a restaurant. I took a nap, hoping it would help. It didn’t. It’s a distinctive kind of headache. It grows out of the brainfog, which I can physically feel in the front of my brain. The right front of my brain starts ever so slowly to ache as well as the right side of my neck. Weird, eh? Last semester Tuesdays were worse than Thursdays. I hope at least this semester I can count on Thursdays not sucking as much. I doubled up on my supps, and I might try to see if there are any web support groups for adrenal fatigue. I also seem to be gaining weight, or regaining the five pounds I seem to have lost. Also, my scale could just be a piece of crap. Blarf. Blarf. Blarf. I know that if I drank three glasses of diet coke, I’d feel fine (or I think I would. I think it would kick out the fog), but three glasses of diet coke at ten p.m. is not good. And having to rely on caffeine to feel normal is not good. I’m still drinking half a cup of coffee in the morning with half a cup of almond milk. But it’s not always the first thing I do any more. So that’s good. That is all.


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