And a cortisol low

Like clockwork. Yesterday, I zipped through teaching four classes and felt like I had energy to spare. Today, not so much. I’m probably about to go back to bed in fact. Though I need to update a syllabus test for tomorrow and other teaching stuff, clean the kitchen (it looks like it’s maintained by the characters of Animal House), shop for groceries, and clean the floors or at least sweep up the major piles of dog hair. And I should brush the dogs to make it take longer for piles to develop (you know at least a week) and wash them for good measure. The kitchen will happen. It’s necessary for functioning. Shopping probably too. The floors. Then dogs. Oh, the teaching stuff has to happen too.

Yesterday I made kale for the first time, and it was amazing. I sauteed thinly sliced Mexican onions (uh, green onions with intact white bulbs? they were labeled “Mexican onions” at the grocery store) and crushed garlic in olive oil, then wilted the kale, adding 1/2 a cup of wine and herb broth and cooked until the broth evaporated. Oh. My. So yummy. Will definitely be doing that again.

I’ve dropped 1-2 pounds. I know, in the area of might not count at all, but the new lower number is a number I haven’t seen in weeks or months. I’m not counting calories or particularly trying to eat less. I’m just trying to eat real, whole food and walk at least three miles a day or something equivalent. My doc said that if I switched to a real food diet the weight would fall off. I’ve also noticed my appetite being more manageable. I suspect it’s a combination of eating real food (fake food makes you hungrier), eating the foods that my body most needs with this adrenal fatigue, and taking the supplements. Possibly also the general subconscious desire to be healthy.

I’m not at a place where it’s relatively to only drink half or a quarter cup of coffee. I feel like this is progress. Though I’m not supposed to have any caffeine, I think cold turkey is too much, and wouldn’t less caffeine have put less of a burden on the adrenals? I hope so.

Okay. Time to take the supplements and maybe load the dishwasher. I would sort of like to be in a position to invite someone over for dinner if I wanted without being embarrassed of my apartment. So glad to realize I’m not entertaining this weekend and can hopefully dedicate most of it to The Article.



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