Cortisol High

Dear Blogary,

Oh, man. I’m on a cortisol high. I’d love it if it were because my meds and sups are working, but I think it’s just stress. I was up until 3 revising, printing, and stapling the policy sheet portion of my syllabi. I woke up nearly in shock at my phone’s alarm, which is only just a mellow new-agey babbling brook that slowly gets louder. But boom. I was awake. I read that cortisol levels start rising about an hour before you wake up to help deal with the stress of waking up. Weird. But waking up does feel kind of taxing.

At least I had everything ready last night, so all I had to do was walk the dogs, fix my hair, get dressed and eat breakfast. Though I really didn’t feel like it, I had an egg sandwich. Eggs are supposed to be the number one food to eat. 1.5 eggs “fried” in the microwave + two slices of Ezekiel Bible bread–I mean, whole grain sprouted bread + olive oil mayo. I’m supposed to eat a fat, a protein, and a slow-burning carb at every meal. The eggs are both fat and protein, I think. It worked. I wasn’t really hungry at all through my three classes. I’m now eating a Kashi frozen dinner for lunch. I wonder if I could just eat those five times a day? LOL. They might not have enough fat though. I think, bizarrely, I have not been eating enough fat. Maybe I need fish oil sups too. Hopefully the sups and the nutrition will help keep me from totally crashing out later. Or being a zombie tomorrow.

Two teaching things I’ve done to reduce stress: First, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the days I don’t teach, I’m going to do office hours from home via Google Hangout. I can actually get more work done at home than at work, so maybe I’ll also be more productive. Second, I’ve radically revised my late work policy. I will simply not grade work that is not turned in on time. Period. Except that students will be allowed to turn in papers for the first time with their final portfolio for 50% credit. So far my classes have bought the explanation–that it’s much more work to grade something outside of my allotted grading period than it is inside it, and that I’ve got to do something to manage my workload. We will see. We will see.


P.S. I made it through the day, and BFD I only had a quarter of a cup of coffee this morning. I’m in that limbo between “I could do anything!” and “Or I could just watch some episodes of Enlightenment and eat some crap.” I think I’m going to try to eat some non crap, and maybe lie down a bit (it’s recommended to lie down in the middle of the day!). Or maybe meditate. Maybe meditate or do yoga after. And then later tonight, grocery shopping! Not bad, not bad.


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