Lucky 2013

I was born on the thirteenth of March, so I’ve always thought of thirteen as my lucky number. Also, I like to swim against the current of conventional superstition. Here’s to a new year!

I’ve been thinking of resolution type things for a month or so. As I’m on an academic semester, my life reboots three times a year: for the fall and spring semesters and for summer. Each time my daily schedule changes, and I make a grand plan for how I want to spend my time. I’ve got a template for a weekly schedule that goes so far back I think I first created it in Word Perfect before I gave over to the universal academic adoption of Word. I always schedule my classes and office hours and exercise and writing time, but the classes and office hours are about all that ever sticks. I get almost no work done in my office and am foggy brained after class for the most part. Thus, prepping and grading end up eating up most of the rest of my bar graphed schedule.

So my first resolution of the year is to have more realistic goals so I’m not always disappointed with myself. That doesn’t mean have no goals; it means keep them in balance and understand I cannot do everything perfectly. I’m merely looking for progress, not arrival.

That said, here are the changes I’ve been thinking about for a few months now. Lord knows I love to implement a plan slowly.

  1. Eat more whole foods. Eat less processed foods, both in quantity and on a relative scale as having been less processed than others.
  2. Shop and cook more. For number one to work, I’ve got to stay on top of shopping and should make good food in bulk to freeze. I’ve already purchased freezer containers!
  3. Watch less TV. I almost want to watch none, but no television is frightening. Less will suffice. Less TV will give me more time to cook and read and write. How about “Follow only truly good television programs.” Sorry Vampire Diaries, I think you have to go forever.
  4. Read more. Especially poetry but really anything literary or that fills the source.
  5. Live life. Get out more. See people. See nature. See the world. Refill the source. My shrink says she’d bet part of the reason I’ve got this case of adrenal fatigue is that I always put things that I categorize as “for me” last. My walks and jogs stopped as soon as 24-7 grading hit. I am reluctant to make plans with friends as long as there is any kind of work hanging over my head (which isn’t to say I do the work, but I feel guilty about making plans to be with people until the work is done). E.g., I did no work last night, but I spent New Years Eve by myself. Quite frighteningly, I enjoyed it.
  6. Make time for my writing and communicating with my body. Wow, I sound like a damn hippy. It’s easy enough to focus on my breath when I’m lying down or waiting in line at the grocery store, but there’s something about the breath connected to the body in motion that is particularly beautiful. Making time for writing also requires making a life outside of work. Must refill the source. As I’ve repeated that several times, maybe it warrants its own place in the list.
  7. Refill the source.
  8. All of these things–along with taking my various supplements–should help with adrenal fatigue. From what I’ve read diet, moderate exercise, and nutritional supplements are the way to go. Okay, also a regular sleeping pattern, but I couldn’t help but give in to that anyway, I was always so dang tired.

Eight is more than enough.


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