Good day.

I gave my intro to lit students their final exam question to prepare for today, and it went surprisingly well. I introduced the concept of binary oppositions and how the space between such binaries is often taboo. They’re going to write an in-class essay exam that traces one or more thematic binary oppositions that run through Natasha Trethewey’s Thrall. I was nervous that they might not take to binary oppositions, but they did. They even seemed excited. It was kind of awesome. Plus, one student declared that she’s not taking her next English class until I teach it, and another told me he nominated me for some teaching award. Of course, I was silly and hammed it up: “Oh, my! It’s an honor just to be nominated.” They were a fun bunch. Oh, oh, oh!!!! And I successfully convinced my brilliant Puerto Rican baseball player to minor in English!!! My first success in Operation Recruit an English Major/Minor.


One thought on “Good day.

  1. It’s so nice when you can feel 100% goodwill and they’re behind you. Like a duck on water. Or a fish in water. Or whatever.

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