It’s been not quite a year, but long enough for my sister-in-law to conceive and deliver a new, beautiful baby.

I no longer live in the house with the holly bush whose thorny leaves protect fledgling brown thrashers from a Beagle’s bred-for purpose. I live in Montgomery and teach at Alabama State. When I visited Montgomery two Aprils back to do research for the project that was supposed to be my dissertation, I wished I might land a job here, and so I have. That project was temporarily shelved so I might finish the dissertation more quickly, but even that took a year longer than I expected. I defended on May 13. Emma Claire was born May 20th.

Already a month of summer vacation has come and gone, and only ten short weeks  remain.The list of things I wanted to do after the dissertation seems fuzzy now. Honestly, I’d love no more than to stay abed all day reading trashy fantasy novels. And how I’ve done that!

But I also want to return to that old project and new ones, to blogging and cooking proper meals, to discovering the city and its citizens that I’ve sequestered myself from this first year lest I fail to finish the dissertation. Of course, I want to write and read and generally nourish my writing self. And visit friends and family (though I desire no road trips more than 3 hours drive from Montgomery; I’m all drove out).

I feel like I’m waking up from a long, long nap. There is much I want to do, and I’m glad to have some guilt-free free time at last, but I’m also a bit sleepyheaded, and I’m happy to take my waking slow. For the moment.


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