The Least Interesting of Posts

No posts for a while because I’ve been busy working on finalizing the dissertation, which I’m trying to knock out before I start work at Alabama State in the autumn, which, okay, is really only 6 weeks away, the autumn semester starting so much earlier than the autumn quarter I’ve become accustomed to in Ohio.

The things I’m doing now are not as interesting to readers as my travels might have been: rereading theory pertinent to the critical portion of my dissertation, which happens to be combining two seminar papers on Lost and Heroes, and apartment hunting from a distance. Somehow I plan to defend August 2, move to Montgomery say around August 5, and start teaching August 16.

It feels like it’s all happening so fast. All good stuff and yet I still manage to feel anxious. Will I find a place I like? Do I need to order books for my new classes? (I don’t yet know my schedule.) Will the dissertation be a giant stinker? It’s enough to make me want find out exactly how much chocolate I can eat and throw myself into watching Buffy episodes by the dozen.

Even with Montgomery two hours from home and having visited for two weeks this spring, I worry about starting all over in a new city. A girl only has so many moves by herself left in her. Thank dogness for the homes listed on craigslist that are pet friendly.

So that’s where I am, contemplating the virtues of walkable neighborhoods and short commutes, reading Zizek, Fink, Lacan, and Haraway, suturing together one last paper, revising and reordering poems.

And then I begin a new life in which I can afford as many pizzas as I want.


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